MingElsa fixing her wig hair (๑・ω-)~♥”

 bby hae got shocked by wook?? ⋂‿⋂’

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100th Super Show project


Super Junior Diary Sungmin 060110: Sungmin said this while he was making Danhobak soup and pie for Shindong. <3 Sungjin now helps out his family more at Kona Beans hehe ~
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bambam1a: Happy Birthday Jinyoung hyung ~~🎉

bambam1aHappy Birthday Jinyoung hyung ~~🎉

conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know~

[14/09/21 TAO’S MEIPAI] 5月开始到现在 ,如果没有EXO的粉丝和一直在背后一直辛苦为我们付出的工作人员的话,演唱会可能不会那么完美的进行, 最后EXO的10位成员真的很谢谢你们很爱你们。要开心幸福,完成自己想要完成的事情~这是我最希望的。EXO-L짱! 你们最棒.TAO.

Starting from May up to now, if there’s EXO fans and staff who helped a lot backstage, the concerts won’t be going perfectly. Lastly, to all 10 members of EXO, i’m really thankful to all of you, i love all of you. Be happy and do whatever you want to do~ it’s my only hope. EXO-L jjang! You are the best! TAO

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